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Missouri Mondays - Final week! We must #StopTheBans and defend the will of the people!

First we want to say THANK YOU! to Planned Parenthood Advocates MO, all the amazing coalition partners from across the state, and YOU! for a powerful #StopTheBans lobby day last week!  In this final week of 2019 legislative session we must continue to make our voices heard with calls and emails to let them know we will not stay quiet while they push to enact Senate Bill 279 and House Bill 126, the most extreme and unconstitutional abortion measures in the country!  

To learn more about SB 279 and HB 126 and for links to call and write your State Senator click HERE to go to Planned Parenthood’s #StopTheBans website. Although the House passed a version of HB 126, we’re asking you to also contact your Representative to vote NO! on ANY ban on safe, legal abortion in Missouri!  Find contact information for your Senator and Representative HERE.

Efforts continue to destroy Clean Missouri Amendment 1, which was overwhelmingly passed by Missouri voters. We must not allow our legislators to overturn the will of the people and weaken the ability of Missouri citizens to file ballot initiative petitions in the future. They must vote NO on SJR 1 and NO on House Joint Resolutions 48!

House Joint Resolutions 48 (which now contains HJR 46 and 47) would allow gerrymandering to promote partisan goals. Tell your representative NO! Missouri voters have already spoken! VOTE NO on House Joint Resolutions 48!

SJR 1 would require signatures from all Congressional districts in order to place an amendment on the ballot and would require over 60% of voter approval to pass. Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on SJR 1 today!

For more information about these and other issues that may be taken up by the legislature this week, see the KC Star article, “Missouri legislature heads toward adjournment focused on abortion and redistricting”

Please continue to monitor actions in the House and Senate this week during this critical time. Also, you can check our Indivisible Missouri Facebook, Twitter, and website for current information.

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!  

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