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7/2/18 - Missouri Mondays - Right to Work is Wrong for Missouri! Vote NO on Prop A in August!

Act now to protect Missouri workers! We must spread the word to vote NO! On Prop A on August 7.

The Supreme Court delivered a blow to working Americans in their decision this past week that public sector workers do not have to pay “fair share” fees that support collective bargaining if they are not union members. This attack on America’s workers weakens unions, which can lead to lower wages and rights for all workers. Make no mistake--laws designed to weaken unions are not financed by grassroots citizens. The non-partisan Economic Policy Institute reports, “we show that challenging fair share fees in the courts appears to be part of a broader billionaire-financed agenda to weaken unions and shift power away from ordinary workers.”

Republicans in Missouri’s legislature are part of the national fight against hard-working Americans. They have passed law after law that targets Missouri workers in an attempt to lower wages in favor of corporations. The so-called Right to Work law passed last session extends the ban on fair share fees to ALL unions, not just the public sector.

This is not the only legislation passed by Republicans and their wealthy donors to suppress Missouri wages. Public projects no longer need to pay workers the prevailing wage, and unions are required to reauthorize paycheck deductions annually. Help spread the word to vote NO on Prop A next month! Stop out-of-state billionaires from controlling the rights of our workers to a fair wage. Join us in the fight to protect Missourians.


  • Find a Day of Action near you. KC Day of Action: UAW local 249 Volunteer Event:  July 10 8040 US 69 Pleasant Valley MO. Special guest kick off speaker will be National AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Schuller. Volunteers will canvas and phonebank. 816 853 2610 for more information.)

  • Get a yard sign. (Contact your local union.)

  • Talk to friends and neighbors.

  • Make sure you and those you talk to are registered to vote in the August 7 election. The deadline is July 11.

  • Help elect progressive candidates who will fight for Missouri workers. See our Voter Resources list on Facebook.

  • Volunteer at a Vote No! Office. (KC office is located at 3600 Broadway. Hours: 10am to 8pm M-F.  10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.)Resources:


KC Day of Action:


Voter Registration:

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