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12/02/19 - Missouri Mondays - On this Giving Tuesday Give the Gift of Health to All Missourians!

Doctors and other medical professionals go door to door to explain why we need Medicaid expansion.

For this week’s Missouri Mondays on Giving Tuesday we ask that you consider supporting efforts to expand Medicaid to those in our state who cannot afford health care. Expanding Medicaid would bring more of our tax dollars home to Missouri, keep our rural hospitals open, and improve our economy. Missouri doctors are joining the effort to provide life-saving care for our fellow citizens by going door to door to explain the truth about Medicaid expansion. As Doctor Timothy Eberlein explains, "It's wrong to force families to choose between going to see a doctor and putting food on the table -- especially when we have a common-sense solution available to us that would actually save our state money."

Even Gov. Mike Parson has said he would expand Medicaid if the voters of Missouri demand it. Let’s work together to place Medicaid expansion on the ballot and hold him to his word! (St. Louis Today)

DEMAND Medicaid Expansion!

Donate NOW at Missouri Health Care for All.

Sign up to HELP collect signatures at

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @MOIndivisible, on Facebook at

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