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11/23/20 - Missouri Mondays - We give thanks for you!

For all that will be different this Thanksgiving, we continue to be inspired by your passion and strength to keep fighting for what matters. You make a difference. You care about your fellow citizens and about the future of our state and our nation. You work together to bring about real change. We may be making sacrifices now to stay safe during this trying time, but you have continued to participate in our democracy and to look to a better future. We are thankful for you!

Here’s what you can do safely from home to make a difference this week!

Statewide Mask Mandate to save lives!

Urge Gov. Parson to listen to hospitals and experts and order a statewide mask mandate to slow the virus spread and save lives!


Phone: (573) 751-3222

Show Me State support to help flip Georgia blue!

There will be two run-off elections on January 5th in GA for the U.S. Senate. The candidates are:

  • Jon Ossoff



  • Rev. Raphael Warnock



Help the effort in Georgia to win control of the Senate and support Stacey Abrams fight to protect the right of every eligible Georgian to make their voice heard!

  • Write postcards to GA voters

Our friends with Indivisible We Will Persist will provide the addresses and what to write. You supply 4x6" index cards and stamps. Cards must be mailed no later than 12/15. To participate email Linda Scroggin at

Postcards to Voters - Postcards to Voters are friendly, handwritten reminders from volunteers to targeted voters giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast. More information:

Invite your friends and neighbors to join us and sign up for Indivisible Missouri and this Missouri Mondays email at

MO COVID UPDATE - According to the MO Dept of Health and Senior Services as of Sunday November 22 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri rose to 271,527 an increase of 32,076 new cases since last week. This is far from over so please stay safe and always wear your mask in public.

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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