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11/09/20 - Missouri Mondays - The Battle for the Soul of a Nation

Joe Biden is the President-Elect of the United States of America! Kamala Harris will serve as the first female Vice President, first woman of color, the first South Asian to serve in that office in the history of the country. This weekend we rejoiced. We danced in the streets, we sang, we cried. Other nations around the world breathed a sigh of relief and celebrated with us. The Mayor of Paris said, “Welcome back, America.” Bells rang across Paris and Munich. Fireworks went off in London. We celebrate this victory, this hard-won battle.

And we thank you. We thank all the volunteers who worked tirelessly, gave of their time, their money, their energy. We celebrate you!!

We also ask with President-Elect Biden,

“Now that the campaign is over -- what is the people’s will? What is our mandate?

I believe it is this: Americans have called on us to marshal the forces of decency and the forces of fairness. To marshal the forces of science and the forces of hope in the great battles of our time.”

The battle is not over. In Missouri, we took many losses. Many of our candidates were not elected, despite all our hard work. It was painful. COVID-19 hit us hard and kept us from doing what Progressives do best, meeting face to face with people and establishing those relationships that are so important to promote trust and understanding. We did, however, pick up two more seats in the state legislature. And we came together in a robust network that will continue to build and serve us well in the future. Our work was not in vain.

We still have work to do. Just as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take on the immense problems that beset our nation, so must we in Missouri continue to hold our elected representatives accountable. We must monitor what our Legislature is doing and continue to work for justice and equality of all our Missouri citizens.

So yes, let’s take the time to celebrate, to re-energize, to thank those who have worked so hard, but let’s also keep paying attention and keep answering the call to action, fighting for the things that matter!

Please invite your friends and neighbors to join us. Ask them to sign up for Indivisible Missouri and this Missouri Mondays email at

MO COVID UPDATE - According to the MO Dept of Health and Senior Services as of Sunday November 8 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri rose to 209,197 an increase of 23,662 new cases since last week. This is far from over so please stay safe and always wear your mask in public.

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