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11/04/19 - Missouri Mondays - Tell Gov. Parson that tracking patient menstrual cycles is an outrage!

The fight is not over but for now abortion remains safe and legal in Missouri! Governor Parson and his health department director, Randall Williams have abused their power and Missouri’s health policy in order to further their anti-abortion agenda and their actions have repeatedly put our state in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this year Dir. Williams made national news when he mandated an additional medically unnecessary pelvic exam for patients seeking abortions. MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show June 7 2019. This abuse of health policy amounted to state mandated sexual assault. We also learned at last week’s license renewal hearings for Planned Parenthood Reproductive Health Services clinic in St. Louis, that Dir. Williams testified under oath that he kept a spreadsheet tracking menstrual periods of RHS patients. The Washington Post Oct 30 2019

It is an outrage that our tax dollars are funding the weaponization of health policy in Missouri and we must fight back! Add your name to ProgressWomen’s petition to tell Gov. Parson that Dir. Randall Williams must go!

You can also fight back against Gov. Parson and MO GOP attacks on our reproductive health and rights by making donations to:

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri HERE

  • Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri HERE

  • Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PAC to help elect candidates across Missouri and Kansas who are champions of sexual and reproductive health care HERE

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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