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08/31/20 - Missouri Mondays - Leadership matters! What’s at stake in November!

There is so much at stake in November and if we’ve learned anything from the last four years it’s this: leadership matters especially during a pandemic. So for this Missouri Mondays let’s take a closer look at our choices for Missouri Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft - Republican, incumbent:

Dangerously suggested fathers would risk COVID, even death to make sure their children get back in school

Our current Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said earlier this month: “I don’t know a father alive that wouldn’t risk getting COVID, even risk dying to make sure that his children had the greatest foundation for success for their life they could have.” StLouis Post Dispatch Aug 5

Ballot initiative - Denied voters their say at the ballot box on extreme abortion ban

In 2019 SOS Ashcroft in effect denied Missouri voters the opportunity to have their voices heard by delaying his approval of ballot language to put extreme abortion ban HB 126 on the ballot, leaving only two weeks to gather 100,000 signatures.

Says voting in person even during a pandemic is best and he cast doubt on the security of expanded mail in voting. Ashcroft said: “It’s just not the most secure way to hold an election. The gold standard for elections is to have people in person go to their assigned polling place on Election Day.” MissouriNet May 2020

Under Ashcroft 2020 elections are unnecessarily complicated and confusing

Absentee by mail ballots and mail in ballots are different, there are forms for requesting ballots and once received voters must figure out how to properly return them, some ballots can only be returned by mail, some require notary, and notaries for “mail in” ballots may even charge voters a fee.

Yinka Faleti - Democrat candidate for Secretary of State, - US Army veteran, West Point grad, former VP United Way

Voting rights

Having immigrated to the U.S. as a child, Yinka's life path includes graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, serving in the Army before and after September 11, and Law School at Washington University in St. Louis. Yinka knows firsthand the value of voting and why it is important for all Missourians to have their voice heard. Missourians of all political persuasions deserve the right to safe, secure, and accessible elections.

Ballot Initiatives

“There are few systems that better allow for direct democratic engagement from citizens than the ballot initiative process. Missouri's most progressive and commonsense reforms have not come from the legislature, but instead from ballot initiatives. The Secretary of State is central to the process, positioning, and final language of ballot initiatives. As Secretary of State, Yinka would zealously protect this mechanism for direct citizen engagement.”


“Healthcare is a basic human right, plain and simple. Ensuring every Missourian receives the healthcare they need is a central part of the state government's responsibility. Whether through the expansion of Medicaid or the removal of laws prohibiting women from making their own choices about their own bodies, Yinka will work to ensure Missourians receive the healthcare they need and the practice of medicine is left to licensed healthcare professionals, not elected officials”.


Election Day: NOVEMBER 3

Absentee / Mail Ballot request form available NOW

In Person Absentee Voting: September 22 through Nov 2 at 5pm - IF YOU CAN, VOTE IN PERSON AT YOUR LOCAL ELECTION AUTHORITY!

Last Day to Register: October 7

Last Day to Request Absentee or mail in ballot: October 21

NO on 3 - Vote NO on Amendment 3 “Dirty Missouri” on the November 3 ballot!

Amendment 3 is the MO GOP’s shameless attempt to overturn your vote in 2018 for Clean Missouri government ethics and non-partisan redistricting reforms.

Find out more here:


Nicole Galloway, Governor

Alissia Canady, Lt. Governor

Yinka Faleti, Secy of State

Rich Finneran, Attorney General

Vicki Lorenz Englund, Treasurer

Joe Biden / Kamala Harris, President / VP:

As of Sunday August 30 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri rose to 83,655, an increase of 8,580 new cases since last week. This is far from over so please stay safe and always wear your mask in public.

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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