08/29/22 Missouri Mondays - “A pivotal moment for our freedom to vote.”

Strict MO voter ID law HB187now in effect. What you need to know / Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan / News, events, and actions to make a difference this week!

Welcome to another Missouri Mondays! This is a pivotal moment for our freedoms. The freedom to vote, the freedom to make our own reproductive and health decisions, the freedom to love who we choose to love, the freedom to worship and send our kids to school without fear of a gunman armed with an AR-15 — are all on the line. We can’t and we won’t back down. Thank you for staying informed and taking action to make a difference!


Missouri NAACP and The League of Women Voters of Missouri filed two lawsuits over photo ID requirement and voter outreach rules in new voting bill HB 1878

The League of Women Voters of Missouri and Missouri NAACP filed dual lawsuits this week against Secy of State Jay Ashcroft over provisions in the new strict Voter ID / voting omnibus bill HB 1878 that became law August 28.

The two groups argued in the lawsuits “that the state’s photo ID requirement and restrictions on voter registration and outreach are unconstitutional and infringe on protected political speech.”

“The final version of the bill that passed totaled 58 pages and changed many aspects of election law in Missouri, following a nationwide trend of Republican-led states enacting new laws surrounding access to the ballot box.

Missouri’s law, which took effect Aug. 28, “requires a state-issued photo ID to vote, a provision the state has attempted numerous times in the past, but has never withstood court challenges. It will also give the secretary of state’s office more oversight over local election authorities by allowing the office to conduct cybersecurity and voter roll audits.”

“The bill also bans election authorities from taking outside money to conduct local elections. And it would require anyone who registers more than 10 people to vote to notify the state and sign up as a solicitor. Civic engagement groups say that mandate prevents them from carrying out their missions.

After HB 1878 passed, the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, released a new scorecard that ranks Missouri fourth among the states when it comes to what the think tank describes as “election integrity.”


“A challenge to the new restrictions on voter engagement”

“One lawsuit in play asks the court to block voter outreach provisions of the new law.

If the law is upheld, it would require people to register with the state as a “voter registration solicitor” if they intend to sign up more than 10 Missourians as voters. It would also criminalize any form of compensation for workers or volunteers who register voters. Soliciting a voter to obtain an absentee ballot application will be prohibited under the new law and would be considered a felony. Those convicted could have their voting rights removed permanently as a result.

The League of Women Voters and Missouri NAACP in their voting lawsuit argue that the law, once enacted, infringes on their right to political speech and is written so vaguely that some interpretations could criminalize much of their activity.

The law will “chill and restrict” constitutionally protected speech, they argue.”

Read more:

https://thebeacon.media/stories/2022/08/26/missouri-voting-lawsuits/ Kansas City Beacon Aug 26

https://www.kcur.org/politics-elections-and-government/2022-08-24/voting-rights-missouri-new-voter-id-law-unconstitutional-election-2022 KCUR Aug 24


Statement from Denise Lieberman with Missouri Voter Protection Coalition (MOVPC) on new voter ID restrictions in HB 1878

“The ability of all Missourians to cast a ballot lies at the heart of a functioning democracy,” said Denise Lieberman, Director & General Counsel of the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition, which has fought strict voter ID requirements in Missouri since 2006. “For more than fifteen years, Missouri lawmakers have attempted to implement needless and discriminatory strict ID requirements to vote in Missouri - measures that the Missouri Supreme Court has concluded violate Missourians’ right to vote, The ID restrictions stand to burden thousands of Missouri voters who do not have or will face difficulty getting the limited ID required to cast a regular ballot - disproportionately voters of color, seniors, voters with disabilities, young voters, and low-wage workers. We should be working to reduce barriers to participation for these communities, not make it harder to vote.”


“You now need a photo ID to vote in Missouri. Here’s how to get one”

Under the new strict voter ID law that went into effect on Sunday, August 28, government-issued photo ID’s are required for casting a ballot in November and in future elections.

“The state’s own data shows that the photo ID provision stands to burden more than 200,000 Missouri voters, disproportionately voters of color, seniors, voters with disabilities, young voters and low-wage workers. The bill’s other provisions hit these communities hardest as well. Our democracy only functions when all have a seat at the table,” said Denise Lieberman, the director and general counsel for the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s office told The Beacon it did not have an updated estimate on how many Missouri adults may be without a form of state-issued photo ID.”

“Forms of acceptable ID for voting include a driver’s license, state ID, passport or military ID.

Voters who don’t have an approved photo ID can cast a provisional ballot at their polling place. Forms of identification must include an expiration date and cannot have expired before the date of the most recent general election.”

Find more information on obtaining a photo ID for voting in MO: https://thebeacon.media/stories/2022/08/23/photo-id-vote-missouri/ The Kansas City Beacon Aug 23



President Biden announces Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

“President Biden announced on Wednesday that the federal government would cancel up to $20,000 worth of federal student loans for millions of people. But not everyone with debt will qualify.

The action includes rules that will maintain the balances of debtors who currently have high incomes. Those who do qualify will need to navigate the balky federal loan servicing system and keep a close eye on their accounts and credit reports for any mistakes.

It also extends the pause on monthly student loan payments, which means that borrowers won’t have to resume payments until at least January, and provides details on a new proposal to create a more affordable income-driven repayment plan.”

“President Biden’s move means the student loan balances of millions of people could fall by as much as $20,000. This F.A.Q. explains how it will work.”

Read more here: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/24/business/biden-student-loan-forgiveness.html New York Times Aug 24


Here's the potential impact Biden's student debt plan will have on the US economy

“President Joe Biden’s student loan plan is a potential game changer for Americans drowning in debt. And yet the impact on the economy at large is likely to be so tiny that it will be hard to measure.

Biden announced Wednesday that his administration will forgive $10,000 for borrowers who make less than $125,000 per year. Low-income borrowers who went to college on Pell Grants will receive up to $20,000 in student loan forgiveness.

This debt relief will give tens of millions of borrowers some breathing room at a time when the cost of living has skyrocketed.

Critically, the cancellation of student debt is being paired with a plan to lift the freeze on federal student debt payments, beginning in Jan. 2023. That means many Americans who haven’t had to pay down student loans since March 2020 will have to begin doing so, eating into their cash flows.

Despite fears that Biden’s student debt relief will fuel already-crippling inflation, economists say the combined impact will be minimal on the economy at large.”

“Millions of borrowers impacted: The typical undergraduate student with loans graduates with nearly $25,000 in debt, according to a Department of Education analysis cited by the White House.

Up to 43 million borrowers will receive relief from Biden’s student debt plan, including eliminating the full remaining balance for about 20 million borrowers, according to the White House.

The inflationary impact would have been larger if Biden did not impose an income threshold on the debt relief or if he heeded calls from some progressives to wipe out $50,000 in student debt.”

Read more here: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/student-loan-forgiveness-joe-biden/index.html CNN Aug 24



With so much important news each week we don’t want you to miss a thing!

Check out our brand new MISSOURI MONDAYS NEWS SUPPLEMENT here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13cokjWlCh2EkY5K6bM357rjVPizZDzxlMqjAuoBQfoI/edit?usp=sharing




We must ACT NOW to help elect Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine to the U.S. Senate! Her opponent supports the Big Lie and the extreme GOP agenda threatening our rights, personal freedoms, and our democracy! Trudy will protect our right to safe and legal abortion and making decisions about our own bodies, protect healthcare, voting rights, defend LGBTQ rights, champion individuals and families struggling with addiction, protect the environment, fight to end gun violence, strengthen the middle class, stand with seniors.

Sign up to volunteer here: https://www.mobilize.us/trudybuschvalentine/event/478447/

Make a donation here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/tbv_web

Website: https://www.trudybuschvalentine.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrudyBuschValentine

Twitter: https://twitter.com/buschvalentine

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trudybuschvalentine/



Last Day to Register: OCTOBER 12, 2022

In Person Absentee Voting Begins: SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

Check your voter registration here: https://s1.sos.mo.gov/elections/voterlookup

Register to vote here: https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/register

Find your local election authority here: https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/localelectionauthority

League of Women Voters Kansas City/Jackson/Clay/Platte Counties

NOTE: A new restrictive voter ID law HB 1878 with many other voter suppression provisions went into effect August 28, 2022. We will be sharing important updates and voter resources from Missouri Voter Protection Coalition (MOVPC) as they become available. You can also sign up to join MOVPC meetings on Zoom each Monday at 10am by texting “MOVPC” to 66866 or registering here: https://wustl.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYoceyuqTsqGN1NlXOMKb88rSExyr-kWjbt




NOTE: A new restrictive voter ID law HB 1878 with many other voter suppression provisions went into effect on August 28, 2022. This is a pivotal moment for our freedom to vote. Join Missouri Voter Protection Coalition (MOVPC) to learn more.

Join the MOVPC meeting


10 AM

Text “MOVPC” to 66866 or register HERE: https://wustl.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYoceyuqTsqGN1NlXOMKb88rSExyr-kWjbt

MOVPC is a nonpartisan statewide network promoting access to the ballot

and working to remove barriers to voting in Missouri!


Find more upcoming actions and events here:




Democratic candidates for the Missouri legislature need your help NOW! We must break the GOP super-majority to stop their extremist legislation from being passed!



Support Abortion Funds/Partner Organizations - Share Resources - Volunteer!



  • RED CROSS - The International Committee of the Red Cross is supporting the Ukrainian Red Cross supporting food-producing initiatives, repairing infrastructure, and helping hospitals, schools, mental health facilities and community centers. Donate here: https://www.icrc.org/en/donate

  • SUNFLOWER OF PEACE - Sunflower of Peace Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping Ukrainians affected by the Russian military invasion. Donate here: https://www.sunflowerofpeace.com/



Missourians Vaccinated vs U.S. as of Aug 28 - The New York Times

  • Fully vaccinated — 57% of Missourians / 67% in the U.S.

  • Fully vaccinated with a booster — 26% of Missourians / 33% in the U.S.

Latest COVID Trends in Missouri as of Aug 28 - The New York Times

  • An average of 2,475 cases per day were reported in Missouri in the last week. Cases have decreased from the average two weeks ago

  • Deaths have increased by 73 percent.

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 1 in 4 residents have been infected, a total of 1,625,994 reported cases. At least 1 in 286 residents have died from the coronavirus, a total of 21,427 deaths.

  • January 2022 was the month with the highest average cases, while November 2021 was the month with the highest average deaths in Missouri.


MORE COVID-19 VACCINE, TESTING RESOURCES AND INFORMATION HERE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i1vCikZiGfMulA8tFCDSJbEKV5N37S1JU_TSlgs699A/edit?usp=sharing


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