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08/26/19 - Missouri Mondays - 99 years but still fighting for equality and rights are under attack!

August 26 is Women’s Equality Day marking 99 years since the passage of the 19th Amendment extending voting rights to women!  It took 72 years of non-violent campaigning to win the right to vote for women and yet the struggle for equality continues in Missouri and in the U.S. where rights are constantly under attack!   

We hope you will take time to commemorate 99 years of voting rights and also join forces with other great organizations to learn how we can all use our power to make a difference together!

Heartland Alliance for Progress

Monday, August 26 - Immigration Update.  What you can do re: the border and KC area

5:15 - 7:00 PM - 125 E 31st St - Kansas City, MO  64108


“What life is like for immigrants (and those assumed to be immigrants) on the southern border and right here in the Kansas City area, and what we can do about it. What national, state, and local laws, orders, and practices are impacting the day-to-day lives and longer term futures of immigrants? What are immediate and continuing strategies to address the crises?” 

Women’s Equality Coalition of Greater KC

Wednesday, August 28th for “Make Your Voice and Vote Heard” with Trish Hall, New York Times Op-Ed Editor at the KC Public Library, Plaza Branch, 4801 Main St., KC, MO 64112

6:00 pm Wine and Cheese

6:30 pm Program


Mom’s Demand Action - MO

Find Moms Demand Action MO events near you on their Facebook page or by texting EVENTS to 644-33. 

National Mom’s Demand Action Website / Make a donation:


Find IKC events on their Facebook page

Find tons of other great information on their amazing website

League of Women Voters KC, Jackson, Platte, Clay Counties



Planned Parenthood Advocates - MO

Find their MO events:

Visit their website for MO actions:

Make a donation:

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Take action to Protect Title X (Title 10):


Find events on Facebook:


Make a donation:

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION! 

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