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08/12/19 - Missouri Mondays - Keep up the pressure to end gun violence!

“If you want to hunt an animal in Missouri, you must attend a hunter’s safety education course and obtain a license. But recent state legislation has removed any requirements on carrying or using a gun around people. Now anyone 19 or older can legally carry a concealed weapon with no training in Missouri. Doesn’t it make sense for those who want to carry guns around people to do so with proper training?” Kansas City Police Department Chief Rick Smith. KC Star Aug 11

This is unacceptable! We must hold our Missouri state legislators accountable or make sure we elect their replacements! Let’s help Moms Demand Action MO keep up the pressure until EVERYONE is safe from gun violence and together we will make a difference!

Text READY to 644-33 to join Missouri Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

You can find Moms Demand Action MO events near you on their Facebook page or by texting EVENTS to 644-33.

Call your Missouri State Representative and Senator and tell them to commit to voting for gun sense legislation! To find yours go to the Legislator lookup at

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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