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08/05/19 - Missouri Mondays - We must take action and together we will make a difference!

Our hearts are broken over the news of more innocent lives lost to senseless gun violence this weekend in El Paso and Dayton and right here at home in Kansas City. We do not and will not accept this! Let us continue fighting for common sense gun reform, holding our elected officials accountable, and if they do not take action we must help to elect those who will!  

We also want to say THANK YOU! for calling and for showing up last week at rally’s across Missouri to send the message to Secretary of State Ashcroft that we won’t stay silent while he trashes our right to vote on the extreme abortion ban HB 126! Secy. Ashcroft ignored the MO Supreme Court and denied us our constitutional right to a say through the petition process and we must hold him accountable!

Take action NOW to protect the right to safe and legal abortion in Missouri and to help reduce gun violence! Together we will make a difference!  

Pledge to register new voters at Join the NO Bans on Choice Campaign Voter Registration Drive so we can hold anti-choice politicians accountable at the ballot box! The Census Bureau estimates there were 1,153,000 unregistered Missourians in 2016. Help register 10 new voters by August 28!

Support the efforts of No Bans on Choice with a donation at or sign up to volunteer at

Support Mom’s Demand Action-MO and their work to help reduce gun violence. Find them on Facebook and search Events for a meeting near you.

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!  

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