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07/08/19 - Missouri Mondays - How Quickly Can Your Rights Be Taken? Say NO to Extreme Abortion Ban!

For the last few weeks we have been asking for your help to stop the extreme ban on abortion created by HB 126. This attack on the rights of women by the Missouri legislature is unprecedented. This forced pregnancy bill allows for almost no exceptions after the first 8 weeks--not even for rape or incest. Women’s bodies belong to them--not the state.

ACLU of Missouri is fighting for a referendum to appear on the ballot this fall to halt HB126 and restore reproductive choice to Missouri women. Thank you if you were able to attend their People’s Choice Kickoff on July 7. If you were not able to attend, we urge you to TAKE ACTION NOW! You can still help #StopTheBans by signing up to volunteer.

You can join the fight in one of three major ways.

  • Sign up to be a notary.

  • Become a team leader.

  • Collect signatures.

Find details and sign up HERE. (

Once the referendum is approved, we have only 45 days to collect 100,000 signatures!

We also face the potential closing of Missouri’s last remaining clinic where women can get a safe, legal abortion. Governor Parson has weaponized the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services in his attempt to force women into child bearing against their will. If you have not yet done so, please sign up with Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri to demand that the St. Louis clinic license be renewed. Sign up HERE.

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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