05/25/20 - Missouri Mondays - Paying tribute and remembering lives lost

As we pause on this Memorial Day to pay tribute to those who bravely fought and died for our freedoms, let us also honor the lives tragically lost to coronavirus. In just the past three months there have been 681 Missouri lives lost and nearly 100,000 COVID-19 deaths across the U.S. (NYTimes May 24)

The consequences of dysfunctional government during a moment of national crisis are painfully on display. Our President’s failure to take responsibility for managing this pandemic has already cost thousands of lives, put millions out of work, and devastated businesses and our economy. With new COVID-19 cases and deaths from coronavirus in Missouri still on the rise and testing not yet widely available, Governor Parson opened up our state on May 4 with little apparent concern for preventing the spread of the virus and protecting lives, placing no restrictions on social gatherings as long as six feet of distance can be maintained. Parson also turned his back on Missouri workers hesitant to put themselves at risk of a deadly virus infection, telling them to go back to work or risk losing their job including Triumph Foods meat-packing plant workers where over 400 asymptomatic workers tested positive for coronavirus KMBC May 5. Our President, our Governor, and our GOP majority state government have failed us when we needed them the most and they continue to put our lives at risk.

As of May 24 there are 11,988 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri and the number is still rising. This is far from over.

We will need YOU as we take action on many critical issues in the coming months including defending Clean Missouri, keeping our elections safe and protecting our right to vote, and the enormous need for get out the vote (GOTV) support for candidates and campaigns to ELECT LEADERS WHO WILL PUT MISSOURI LIVES FIRST!

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