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05/20/19 - Missouri Mondays - Call Gov. Parson to VETO the extreme abortion ban!

Last week the Missouri legislature joined Alabama and Georgia passing one of the most extreme abortion bans in country with no exceptions for victims of rape, incest, or human trafficking and punishment of up to 15 years in prison for doctors. Missourians across the state have been denouncing this cruel and extreme legislation on social media and in the streets where thousands marched in protest in Kansas City on Sunday!

For this Missouri Mondays, we ask you to first CALL Governor Parson at 573-751-3222 and tell him to VETO this cruel, extreme, and unconstitutional bill!  

While the legislature passed the extreme abortion ban it failed to pass the Missouri Non-discrimination Act or MONA for the 21st year, so LGBTQ Missourians will remain without protections and can be fired or be evicted based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  

And although the GOP majority proclaims their cruel abortion ban is necessary to protect life, since January 2018 more than 85,000 Missourians, mostly children, have been wrongly and abruptly dropped from Medicaid due to processing errors!  Almost 900,000 Missourians rely on Medicaid for health insurance yet during the 2019 legislative session the GOP controlled legislature continued to refuse Federal dollars for Medicaid expansion and continued their attempts to pass additional and burdensome requirements for those receiving funds.  

Let’s make sure we THANK the lawmakers who fought hard to StopTheBans, pass MONA, and stood against attacks on everyday Missourians and especially our most vulnerable, and let them know THEY CAN COUNT ON YOUR SUPPORT!  Our apologies if we’ve missed a legislator.  To find their contact information go to

Rep. Crystal Quade, Minority Floor Leader - - 573-751-3795

Rep. Keri Ingle - - 573-751-1459

Rep. Judy Morgan - - 573-751-4485

Rep. Greg Razer - - 573-751-2437

Sen. Lauren Arthur - - 573-751-5282

Sen. Jason Holsman - - 573-751-6607

Rep. Raychel Proudie - -  573-751-0855

Rep. Barbara Washington -  - 573-751-0538

Rep. Jon Carpenter - - 573-751-4787

Rep. Wes Rogers - - 573-751-2199

Rep. Martha Stevens - - 573-751-9753

Rep. Tracy McCreery - - 573-751-7535

Rep. Peter Meredith - - 573-751-6736

Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal - - 573-751-4265

Rep. Gina Mitten - - 573-751-2883

Rep. Cora Faith Walker -  - 573-751-4726

Rep. Robbie Sauls - 573-751-5701

Rep. Matt Sain - - 573-751-3618

Rep. Mark Ellebracht - - 573-751-1218

Sen. Jill Schupp - - 573-751-9762

Sen. Kiki Curls - - 573-751-3158

Sen. Karla May - - 573-751-3599

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed - - 573-751-4415

Sen. Scott Sifton - - 573-751-0220

Sen. Gina Walsh - - 573-751-2420

Sen. Brian Williams - - 573-751-4106

We also want to tell you about a very special and exciting event in the Kansas City area on June 12 at 5:00 p.m. at Unity Temple on the Plaza.  The Missouri-Kansas Women’s Leadership Forum Grassroots Gathering with DNC Chair Tom Perez and additional guest to be announced!  RSVP today at

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!  

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