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05/04/20 - No Required Guns in Schools! No “Dirty Missouri”! and Let Us Vote Safely!

House Speaker Elijah Haahr, right, hands some papers to House Majority Leader Rob Vescovo earlier this month in Jefferson City.


Stop dangerous bills that are poised to pass this session! Representatives in the Missouri House are trying to rush through legislation harmful to Missouri citizens without public hearings. Contact your Representaive immediately and say DO NOT PASS on the following bills!

  • Bills SB 523, SB 600, and SB 774 all contain an amendment written by Rep. Ron Hicks called the “Keep Our Schools Safe Act” that would require all school protection officers to carry guns in schools. “Any individual designated by a school district as a school protection officer shall carry a concealed firearm and a self-defense spray device in any school in the district.” 

More guns in schools does NOT create more safety for our students. “Research shows that guns in schools puts our children more at risk of gun violence. It is unacceptable to sneak dangerous gun legislation into unrelated bills without public hearings.”  --Everytown for Gun Safety

  • Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 38 also known as “Dirty Missouri” would overturn the will of the people and bring back partisan gerrymandering. “Clean Missouri” passed with overwhelming support last year. Tell your representative the people have already spoken-- NO! on SJR 38.

As we reported last week, Missouri voters need the ability to protect themselves from COVID-19 by voting absentee. Keep up the pressure on Speaker Elijah Haahr, Governor Parsons, and Secretary of State Ashcroft to allow pandemic safety as a valid excuse for absentee voting.

Find your state rep by entering your mailing address HERE

Gov Parson office: (573) 751-3222  Email:

SOS Ashcroft office:  (573) 751-4936 Email:

As of May 3 there are over 8,300 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri and the number is still rising. This is far from over.  THANK YOU! for helping to make sure our right to vote in Missouri is protected with safe elections!

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