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04/22/19-Missouri Mondays-Tell your Legislators vote NO! on bills that ignore the will of MO voters!

The Missouri Legislature this week sought to overturn the will of Missouri voters and to weaken the ability of Missouri citizens to file ballot initiative petitions in the future.

Tell your Senator and Representative we will not allow them to thwart the will of Missouri voters!! They must vote NO on SJR 1 and Committee Substitute for House Joint Resolutions 48, 46 and 47.

Although the Amendment 1, known as Clean Missouri, was passed by over 60% of Missouri voters, efforts are underway to undermine the will of the people. Clean Missouri limits lobbyist gifts to $5, requires transparency, lowers the power of big money and powerful lobbyists, requires legislators to wait two years before becoming lobbyists, and adds fairness and competitiveness as required criteria for new district maps.

Committee Substitute for House Joint Resolutions 48, 46 and 47 would

  • Overturn the will of Missourians who voted for this amendment

  • Allow gerrymandering to promote partisan goals

  • Allow communities to be separated for more “compact” looking districts

  • Eliminate the requirement that data used for map drawing be made public

  • Remove nonpartisan efforts from the process

  • From Defend the Win for a Clean Missouri ~~See for more information

Tell your representative NO! Missouri voters have already spoken! VOTE NO on Committee Substitute for House Joint Resolutions 48, 46 and 47. In a further effort to prevent voters from having their voices heard in Missouri, Senator David Sater’s SJR 1 would require signatures from all Congressional districts in order to place an amendment on the ballot and would require over 60% of voter approval to pass. This resolution stalled in the Senate last week but can reappear at any time.Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on SJR 1 today!

Tax Bill Update-- Last week we asked that you tell your State Rep. to vote NO! on reckless tax proposal HB 548.  This bill threatens to destabilize the budget and take money from education, roads and bridges, and the safety net to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest Missourians. See the Missouri Budget Project website for more information.

This bill remains on the Informal Calendar for House passage. Tell your Representative to VOTE NO on passage of HB 548!

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!  

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