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04/20/20 - Masks and hand sanitizer for poll workers is not enough! We need mail-in voting NOW!

Governor Parson thinks absentee voting is about politics while Secretary of State Ashcroft says don’t worry the state will provide masks and hand sanitizer for poll workers. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that states encourage mail-in voting options while our state’s GOP leaders don’t think exposing yourself to a deadly virus during a pandemic is reason enough to allow you to safely vote absentee by mail!

In response to this lack of leadership and reckless disregard for voter protection the ACLU-MO and Missouri Voter Protection Coalition filed a lawsuit to expand absentee voting by mail to all eligible voters sheltering in place during the pandemic. “Requiring voters to be physically present at their traditional polling places during the COVID-19 pandemic — where they will be congregating and waiting in line with others in order to vote — is contrary to the advice of public health experts and puts people’s health at risk.”

For this week’s Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

Tell Governor Parson, Secretary of State Ashcroft, and your state electeds we should NOT have to risk our lives to VOTE in Missouri!

  • State Legislators: Find yours by entering your mailing address HERE

Ask your county Election Board to allow you to vote absentee by mail in order to keep yourself and the community safe from COVID-19.

  • Use this search on the Secy. of State website to find your local election authority

As of April 19 there are more than 5,667 COVID-19 cases reported in Missouri and the number is still rising. This is far from over. THANK YOU! for helping to make sure our right to vote in Missouri is protected with safe elections!

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