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04/12/21 - Missouri Mondays - Push back on MO GOP voter suppression, attacks on Medicaid funding!

Push back on MO GOP voter suppression, attacks on Medicaid funding, public education and more!

The Missouri GOP is ignoring the will of the people refusing to fund Medicaid Expansion and is moving full speed ahead with legislation, putting obstacles in the way of our voice and our vote, funding private education with public tax dollars, allowing concealed carry guns on public transportation, and more. WE MUST FIGHT BACK!



  • TELL MO SENATORS TO FULLY FUND MEDICAID EXPANSION! The House Republican Budget Committee voted down HB 20 that would have funded Medicaid expansion and then the full House passed a $32 billion state operating budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1 without funding allotments for expansion of Medicaid. This blatant move to block a constitutionally mandated expansion of the program’s eligibility threshold CANNOT STAND! CALL and WRITE your Senator today and DEMAND they honor the people’s voice! Find your Senator HERE: AND CALL the following Senators on the Senate Appropriations Committee to fully fund Medicaid expansion: Sen. Dan Hegeman (573) 751-1415, Sen. Lincoln Hough (573) 751-1311, Sen. Lauren Arthur (573) 751-5282, Sen. Justin Brown (573) 751-5713, Sen. Mike Cierpiot (573) 751-1464, Sen. Sandy Crawford (573) 751-8793, Sen. Bill Eigel (573) 751-1141, Sen. Karla Eslinger (573) 751-1882, Sen. Denny Hoskins (573) 751-4302, Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer (573) 751-2183, Sen. Karla May (573) 751-3599, Sen. Jeanie Riddle (573) 751-2757, Sen. Barbara Washington (573) 751-3158, Sen. Brian Williams (573) 751-4106

  • Sign up to phone bank with Jobs with Justice to connect Missouri voters with their Senators to demand they protect Medicaid. SIGN UP HERE:


  • Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on School Voucher Bill SB 30! SB 30 would allow parents to donate to a “scholarship fund” that would pay their child’s tuition to a private or relgious school and consequently give the parents a tax credit for the amount of the “donation” (tuition). This is a tax cut that gives approximately $100 million per year in tax money to private institutions that are not accountable to the state. Studies have shown that voucher programs tend to favor affluent families rather than those most in need. Act NOW as SB 30 is again on the Formal calendar for Perfection this week! Find your senator HERE:


  • CALL NOW! Tell your Senator to vote NO on SB 282 Voter ID bill!. Since this bill is now on the Formal Calendar for Perfection it will probably be debated this week. This bill would require a photo ID, and although voters without proper ID could vote after signing an affidavit, they must return to the polling place on the same day with their proper photo ID. In addition, the Secretary of State is not required to notify the public of ID requirements, a blatant effort to ensure voter confusion!

  • Call your Representative NOW! to vote NO on ANY attempts to change the initiative petition process! HJR 26 is STILL on the House Formal Calendar for Perfection this week and could be debated any time. The Missouri GOP wants to change this honored process that has served the people well for over 100 years to make it almost impossible for the people to influence their democracy! Similar bills include House bills HJR 5, HJR 2, HJR 9, HJR 15, HJR 14, HB 333, HJR 20, HJR 25, HJR 26, HJR 27, HB 556, HJR 22 Senate Bill SB 149 is still on the Informal calendar for Perfection. Tell your electeds to reject any attempt to make it harder for the people to have a voice through the initiative petition process!


  • Call NOW! Tell your Representative to vote NO on HCS HB 602, which has moved to the Formal Calendar for Perfection. And tell your Senator to vote NO on HB 75. Procedures required by these bills could prevent necessary actions by local governments to protect their citizens during public health emergencies that require immediate action.


  • TELL YOUR SENATOR TO VOTE NO ON HB 52, HB 85, SB 528. HB 52 which would allow concealed guns on public transportation, was voted DO PASS out of committee. Sponsored by Rep. Jered Taylor, HB 85 (replaced HB 310) “Establishes the Second Amendment Preservation Act which creates additional protections to the right to bear arms.” It “seeks to empower “Missouri’s ability to self-govern without control by the federal government.” HB 85 has passed in the House and is awaiting further action in the Senate. No further movement has occurred on SB 528 which would establish the minutemen of the state.



  • Tell your Senator to vote NO on HB 334 Photo ID bill! HB 334 remains in Senate committee after passing in the House. The State’s own data shows that HB 334 stands to burden more than 200,000 Missouri voters who do not have a current state-issued photo ID and would face barriers getting one, disproportionately voters of color, seniors, voters with disabilities, young voters, and low-wage workers.”

  • We must STOP voter suppression in Missouri!! Tell your Senator to vote NO on attempts to make it harder to vote in Missouri!. Both HB 738 and HB 842 would eliminate electronic voting machines and require paper ballots, which could hamper voting efforts for the disabled as well as delay election results. HB 1065 is still in the House but if passed would establish no-excuse absentee voting but for in-person voters only beginning three weeks before Election Day rather than the current six weeks. It would require a state-issued photo ID to vote. The courts have already found the requirement of a photo-ID to be unconstitutional.

Upcoming Events - REGISTER NOW!

TONIGHT Monday, April 12, 2021

6:00-7:00 pm

Heartland Alliance for Progress / co-hosts Indivisible MO & Indivisible KC

“Following and Influencing Missouri Lawmaking”

REGISTER HERE to get the Zoom link to join the meeting:

Join Heartland Alliance for Progress and co-hosts Indivisible Missouri and Indivisible KC for this online discussion and learn how you can have the greatest impact on the MO legislative process from communications professional Rachel Potucek and former MO State Rep. Judy Morgan.

Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus

Campaign School

Keynote speaker Celinda Lake, Political Strategist Lake Research Partners

May 1, 2021

9:00am - 2:30pm

Cost: GKCWPC Members - Free; General Admission $25


Are you ready to run for office, but need some help kicking off your campaign? Or would you just like to be more active politically, but don't know where to start? Then GKCWPC's Campaign School is for you! With two tracks, one for candidates and another for volunteers, this training has something for everyone.



10am CT

Join Missouri Voter Protection Coalition Zoom meeting TODAY to learn more about the campaign to Ensure Voting in Missouri Amid the COVID-19 Crisis and beyond.

Text MOVPC to 66866 to sign up!


Vaccine Eligibility

  • ALL Missourians age 16 and up are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Register here:

  • You can also call the COVID-19 hotline at 877-435-8411 for registration assistance.

Missourians Vaccinated - as of April 11, 2021 The New York Times

  • 20% of Missourians are fully vaccinated

  • 30% have received at least one dose.

Total COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in Missouri

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

Invite your friends and neighbors to join us and sign up for Indivisible Missouri and this Missouri Mondays email at

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