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04/06/20 -Tell state electeds we need leadership NOW! Implement the MDP Coronavirus Plan!

Governor Parson has failed to provide the leadership we deserve and desperately need to get us through this crisis. 36 Missouri counties and 7 cities had already acted long before the Governor’s statewide stay-at-home order last Friday. A closer look at the Governor’s order reveals confusing rules with too many exceptions that will weaken its effectiveness and continue to put lives at risk.

We cannot afford to waste any more time. Leaders in the Missouri Democratic Party write, “Missourians are looking for clarity and leadership as we face a truly unprecedented challenge as a state. Missourians need to know that our leaders are working together to leverage every available resource to keep us safe and to stabilize our economy. Missouri Democrats are stepping up, showing leadership, and addressing this crisis at the local and statewide level.”

Our state legislators head back to Jefferson City this week and are expected to focus on passage of a supplemental budget bill to keep the government operating to the end of this fiscal year and allow Governor Parson to use the federal COVID-19 dollars.

So for this week’s Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION! we ask you to:

  • Sign the Missouri Democratic Party petition calling on our state government to support and implement the MDP plan “to ensure the health and economic well-being of Missourians”.

Contact your state senator and state representative and ask them directly to implement this plan. You can find their contact information by entering your mailing address here:

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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