03/18/19 - Missouri Mondays - Get ready to “spring” into action after the legislature break!

It’s break time for the Missouri Legislature but we hope you’ll get ready to “spring” into action next week on the bills of concern on our watch list below!

Senate Bill 9 - Vote NO!

*This constitutional amendment proposal would change what constitutes grounds for impeachment, would require the Senate to try all impeachments, making impeachment more difficult.

*Limits impeachment to “corruption or crime in office” eliminating two causes former Gov. Greiten’s faced - “misconduct” and “moral turpitude”. According to The KC Star, “Under this standard, House members could not have pursued impeachment for allegations of sexual misconduct and campaign finance violations that occurred before Greitens took office in January 2017.”

*If it passes both chambers it would go before the voters probably in 2020 general.

*On the Formal Calendar Third Read in the Fiscal Oversight Committee 3/20

House Bill 573 and Senate Bill 259 - Vote NO!

*Would dramatically alter the way Title IX cases are handled on Missouri collage campuses, gutting IX and giving more power to the accused to sue victims and the university.

*Key lobbyist for Title IX changes, Richard McIntosh, is also the spouse of a judge who would preside over the appeals should the changes become law. McIntosh also represents universities who are opposed to the changes and has formed a dark money group called Kingdom Principles who recently hired 20 lobbyists.

*HB 573 passed Administrative Oversight 3/14/19; not currently on a House calendar

*SB 259 is on the Formal Calendar for Perfection 3/20/19

House Bill 126, and SCS SBs 279, 139, & 345 - Vote NO!

*HB 126 would ban all abortions if a fetal heartbeat is heard (approx. 5-6 weeks) even in cases of rape or incest. It also requires two parent notification for minors and would ban all abortions if Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

*SBs 279, 139, 345 substantially similar to HB 126

*HB 126 Passed the House and moved to the Senate for Second Read 2/27/19

*SBs 279, 139 & 345 - 3/20 Formal Calendar Senate Bills for Perfection

Senate Bill 121 - Vote NO!

*SB 121, sponsored by Sen. Eric Burlison, would would allow guns in bars, casinos, daycares, MO public college campuses, churches, polling places, and more

*Hearing Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee 2/28/19

Senate Bill 292 - Vote NO!

*SB 292, sponsored by Sen. Bill Eigel would expand charter schools throughout the state taking funding away from public schools

*Passed General Laws Committee 2/19/19

*On Informal Calendar for Perfection 3/20/19

House Bill 581 - Vote NO!

*HB 581, sponsored by Rep. Rebecca Roeber, would expand charter schools throughout the state taking funding away from public schools

*On Informal Calendar for Perfection 3/6/19

Senate Bill 160 and House Bill 478 - Vote NO!

*School vouchers

*Creates Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program

*Empowerment Scholarship Accounts or ESA’s would allow a taxpayer to make a qualifying contribution to what's called an educational assistance organization and claim a tax credit for 100% of the amount of the contribution. Missouri School Boards’ Assoc. strongly opposes the bills as it would provide a taxpayer subsidy for private and home schools that are not accountable to the public (see their position statement: Non-Public School Funding).

*SB 160 Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection 3/20

*HB 478 passed Administrative Oversight 2/27; not currently on House calendar

House Bill 445 and Senate Bill 132 - Vote NO!

*HB 445 if signed into law in its current form "...would be 'the most radical undermining of open records and transparency law in state history." Rep. Jon Carpenter

*SB 132 would change MO Sunshine Law by authorizing “closure of certain constituent and legislative records of members of the General Assembly” and also “modifies provisions regarding fees for access to public records”

*Both bills ignore the will of the voters who overwhelmingly passed Clean Missouri Amendment 1 for greater government transparency

*HB 445 Passed in the House, was Second Read in the Senate and Referred to Government Reforms Committee 3//7/19

*SB 132 on the Informal Calendar Bills for Perfection 3/20/19

Senate Bill 4 - Vote NO!

*SB 4, sponsored by Sen. David Sater, would take away SNAP benefits (food stamps) for failure to meet certain work requirements, affecting an estimated 52,000 Missouri children

*Passed Seniors, Families, Children Committee 2/6/19

*Has moved forward to the Informal Calendar for Perfection 3/20/19

Senate Bill 76 - Vote NO!

*SB 76 sponsored by Sen. David Sater, would require the state to apply for a waiver to allow Missouri to institute Medicaid work reporting rules

*Similar legislation to SB 76 was passed in Arkansas and since last August has resulted in loss of Medicaid health coverage for more than 18,000 Arkansans

*Passed Seniors, Families, Children Committee 2/20/19

*Has moved to the Informal Calendar for Perfection 3/20/19

Also please mark your calendar for Tuesday March 26 Lobby Day with Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri and Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes at the Capitol from 8:30am-3:30pm! We hope you’ll be there with Planned Parenthood allies from all over the state to lobby your legislators for “quality sexual and reproductive health care for all Missourians” and other issues of importance to you! Register for the event with Planned Parenthood choosing the link for your area HERE and please email us at indivisiblemo@gmail.com to let us know you plan to be there!

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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