02/03/20 - Thank State Senate Dems for defending Clean MO and the will of the people!

Last week in Jefferson City, Democratic Senators filibustered for 12 hours to stop a Republican-led attempt to rewrite voter approved Clean Missouri government ethics and redistricting reforms. Unfortunately this will likely not be the GOP’s last attempt this session to overturn Clean Missouri. Let’s thank these Senators for standing up for 62% of Missouri voters who approved Clean Missouri in 2018 and urge Senators to keep up the fight!

Senator Lauren Arthur

Office: (573) 751-5282

Email: https://www.senate.mo.gov/D17WebApps/Contact.aspx

Senator Karla May

Office: (573) 751-0266

Email: https://www.senate.mo.gov/D04WebApps/Contact.aspx

Senator Jamilah Nasheed

Office: (573) 751-4415

Email: Jamilah.Nasheed@senate.mo.gov

Senator John Rizzo

Office: (573) 751-4551

Email: https://www.senate.mo.gov/D11Webapps/Contact.aspx

Senator Jill Schupp

Office: (573) 751-9762

Email: https://www.senate.mo.gov/D11Webapps/Contact.aspx

Senator Scott Sifton

Office: (573) 751-0220

Email: https://www.senate.mo.gov/D01WebApps/Contact.aspx

Senator Gina Walsh

Office: (573) 751-2420

Email: https://www.senate.mo.gov/D13WebApps/Contact.aspx

Senator Brian Williams

Office: (573) 751-4106

Email: https://www.senate.mo.gov/D14WebApps/Contact.aspx

If your State Senator is not listed above please tell them “Hands off Clean Missouri! Let the will of the people stand!” You can search for your State Senator contact information here: https://www.senate.mo.gov/LegisLookup/Default.aspx

We also want to tell you about upcoming lobby days in Jefferson City. These events are great opportunities to make your voice heard by meeting face to face with your legislators to discuss issues of importance to you!

Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA) Legislative Blitz Day - February 11

Missouri State Capitol Bldg., Jefferson City MO - First Floor Rotunda - 10:30 a.m.

MRTA wants to keep bad bills out of committee! MRTA members are encouraged to attend. Please plan a meeting with your Senator and Representative. RSVP no later than 4:00 p.m. Fri February 7 by calling (877) 366-6782 or email mrta@mrta.org Find more details here: https://missouriretiredteachers.org/events/mrta-legislative-day/

ACLU of Missouri - Voices of Liberty Lobby Day - February 12 - Jefferson City, MO

“It's your opportunity to tell your elected officials how important it is to protect the rights of all Missourians. Learn about the legislative process and help us defend civil liberties, as you meet with legislators. Please formally register at the web link below so we have your information on hand and so we can send you updates: https://action.aclu.org/webform/mo-2020-voices-of-liberty-lobby-day

2020 Missouri Advocacy Day on February 18 Hosted by Moms Demand Action - MO

“Volunteers from across Missouri will travel to Jefferson City for our annual Advocacy Day. We'll first meet at the nearby Millbottom Events Space to review our goals for the day. We'll then walk over to the Capitol to meet with legislators and show that Missourians want them to act to save lives. Wear your red Moms Demand Action shirts or any red shirt! More information to come on carpooling, parking, and other details.

RSVP here: https://act.everytown.org/event/moms-demand-action-event/30035/signup/?akid=&source=mda-web--event-search

THANK YOU! for answering the Missouri Mondays CALL TO ACTION!

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