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01/04/21 - Missouri Mondays - Happy New Year! ShowMe actions this week to make a difference!

Happy New Year and welcome back to Missouri Mondays! There is so much at stake this week so here’s your ShowMe actions to make a difference!

The Missouri General Assembly 2021 legislative session starts this Wed Jan 6 and we will need your help with CALLS TO ACTION in the coming months as we continue to make our voices heard, holding our electeds and Governor Parson and the majority GOP accountable to the people of Missouri.

*Take a look at the pre-filed House bills at and

Senate bills at We normally suggest searching pre-filed bills by subject to find those of greatest interest and concern to discuss with your elected officials but this feature is not yet available on their website.

*Find contact information for your legislators go to and enter your street address. In some cases the website information may not yet be up to date particularly for newly elected officials.

*Listen to a brief 2021 session preview on the Senate website here:


Help protect the right to vote in Missouri with the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition!

The Missouri Voter Protection Coalition (MOVPC) is a nonpartisan statewide network working to protect the right to vote in Missouri, promoting access to the ballot and working to remove barriers to voting.

*Sign the MOVPC Petition Urging Gov. Parson to Extend Safe COVID-19 Voting Protections! With the municipal elections coming up in March and April 2021 and the pandemic at record levels, Gov. Parson should exercise his emergency authority under 44.100 RSMo to extend safe voting options such as absentee voting for those at high risk, remote voting options for all Missourians! SIGN THE PETITION AND PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!…

*Text MOVPC to 66866 to sign up for email updates! The next MOVPC meeting is TODAY MON JAN 4, 2021 at 10am to learn more about their campaign to Ensure Voting in Missouri Amid the COVID-19 Crisis and beyond.


ShowMe Support For Must Win Georgia Elections Tues January 5th!

*There is so much at stake with the outcome of the two runoff elections in Georgia tomorrow TUES JAN 5TH. These elections will determine control of the U.S. Senate affecting legislation and judicial appointments that will have an impact for generations to come. Volunteer or make a donation all safely from home for Jon Ossoff at and Rev. Raphael Warnock at


Tell Senator Josh Hawley what you think of his attack on our democracy!

*By now you have seen this story all over the national news that Senator Hawley is endorsing Trump's ridiculous unfounded conspiracy by announcing he will contest certification of electoral college vote this week on January 6. Josh Hawley is willing to undermine a legitimate election and 81 million votes for his own political gain. If you haven't done so already call or write Senator Hawley and tell him what you think.

DC office: (202) 224-6154

KC office: (816) 960-4694




*According to the MO Dept of Health and Senior Services as of Sunday January 3 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri rose to 401,761 an increase of 36,575 new cases since our last email on Dec 20. The New York Times nationwide database ranks Missouri 23rd in the highest number of total coronavirus cases reported per capita (population of about 6.5 million). This is far from over so please stay safe and always wear your mask in public.

*Jackson County Residents - Are you interested in receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine? Fill out this survey on the Jackson County Health Department website Based on availability, and guidance from the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services (MO DHSS) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Jackson County Health Department will be providing the COVID-19 vaccine based on a pre-determined tier system. Individuals will be identified to receive the vaccine based on risk status and occupation.Once the vaccine is made available for your tier, the JCHD will use your information from the survey to contact you with further instructions on how to schedule an appointment to receive your vaccination.

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